Wall Cladding


Water Resistant

FloorLaBs Deck is as good for your feet as it is for the environment. Using the mix of polypropylene and saw dust from beech we can offer you a product that will not shrink due to the weather, will not crack due to me- chanical impact, is easy to build with and above all – does not require main- tenance!

WhatisthedifferencebetweenadeckingfromFloorLaBs compared to another source? Instead of looking through test reports just take a nail and a hammer. Place the nail approximately 4cm from the edge of a board and hit it as hard as you can. If the board does not crack, then the quality is good but if it does crack; we suggest you call us and start buying our products. This is not a trade secret, like there can be. We at FloorLaBs use polypropyl- ene which is more forgiving with a longer lifespan than the cheaper alterna- tives such PVC, polystyrene or polyethylene.

This test might seem harsh on product, but you want something that will survive the beating of dropped cutleries, toys being moved around and worse – small stones stuck underneath your shoes. No impact.

We at FloorLaBs have been quite picky when choosing the raw materials for our composite – a long lasting deck from FloorLaBs will give you time to do other things than building decks.

We have all the parts you need to build your deck.
Composition of our WPC Deck and WPC Cladding products : 30% HDPE, 50% Wood, 20% Additives