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FloorLaBs Parquet Adhesive is a high quality two component polyurethane parquet adhesive. It does not contain water or any solvent.

Glue is especially suitable for all types of parquet applications which are extremely sensitive to swelling. It is resistant against moisture and useful for insulation. According to features it has, it does not spread when applied to totally dry and clean substrates.

It can be applied safely on the underfloor heating systems. It is resistant to sudden temperature changes in the application areas.

FloorLaBs Parquet Glue.jpeg

FloorLaBs PVC & Vinyl Adhesive  is a low emission adhesive with a high initial grab for vinyl, polyolefin and rubber floor covering.

Product Typification

• Low emission

• Non-flammable

• Multi-purpose application

• Easy to apply

• Favourable spreading capacity


• PVC floor covering in sheets and tiles

• Cushion vinyl

• PVC backed carpet

• Rubber floor covering with a smooth back in sheets and tiles

• Polyolefin floor covering

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It is a one component, solvent based, polyurethane based impregnated primer with a moisture reducing property. PU-8502 - PMT reacts with moisture to reduce and moisten the moisture.

Depending on the concrete surface absorption and application purpose, the consumption is between 150-200 gr for 1 m2.

Our Flooring Chemical Products range:
✔️Parquet Adhesive

✔️Parquet Primer

✔️Parquet Lacquer
✔️PVC & Vinyl Adhesive
✔️Carpet Adhesive
✔️Moisture Barrier

✔️Instant Adhesive Spray
✔️Montage Mastic
✔️Epoxy Floor Paint
✔️Self Levelling

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