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Our decor-matching MDF  paper foiled skirting is suitable for all laminate flooring, parquet, rigid vinyl and design floors supplied by FloorLaBs. In addition, matching corners and edgings available.

Our PVC covered MDF Skirting Board Collection makes an elegant atmosphere indoors. We are able to produce all profile such as Scotia molding/skirting, MDF reducer and End Cap as well. 

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Water Resistant Skirting Board

FloorLaBs Composite Skirting Boards are Water - Resistant💦 . Plus;
◾️  Anti-scratch
◾️  Cable channel
◾️  Easy installation

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We are able to provide type of Skirting Boards in type of MDF Paper Foiled Skirting Board, MDF PVC Foiled Skirting Board, Lacquer Painted Skirting Board, Composite Skirting Board.


You can say which type of profile you want and we can make MDF End Cap, MDF T Profile, MDF Reducer as well. We are producing Scotia Scotia Skirting is a concave profile with a smooth surface, used as a decorative coving or as a skirting board cover for floor expansion gaps. It is also used as a drip strip. The design of the back of Scotia, with two short flat fixing surface.

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