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FloorLaBs Classic | 8mm AC3

8mm AC4 | Super

FloorLaBs Super | 8mm AC4

8mm AC4 4v | Elite

FloorLaBs Elite | 8mm AC4 4v

8mm AC4 4v | Beyond XL

FloorLaBs Beyond XL | 8mm AC4 4v

10mm AC4 4v | Dream

FloorLaBs Dream | 10mm AC4 4v

12mm AC5 4v | Select

FloorLaBs Select | 12mm AC5 4v

Laminate Flooring
Technical Data

Laminate Flooring
Warranty Guideline

As FloorLaBs Laminate Flooring, one of our main principles in production is to offer the best price-benefit combination to our customers with the extensive range of product portfolio.

Our products from the best expertise manufacturers are in Europe and Turkey. We have production in Turkey's first MDF, MDFlam and Laminate Flooring manufacturer on a total area of 300,000 m2 including 90,000 m2 closed plant in the ditch. Our production company has 9 quality and production system certificates are which have international validity. As FloorLaBs we are working with a strong technological infrastructure in its large capacity production facilities and contributes to the development of industry with its qualified production lines.

When it comes to wood flooring, nobody is more passionate than FloorLaBs. With a 100% satisfaction rate among our customers, our aim is to always provide a great service and a fantastic floor. And you don’t need to just take our word for it - we are proud to say we are One Step Ahead in the competition with our wide range of products.

So, challenge yourself in telling apart a simulated version of a Laminate Floor from that of a real wood floor. It’s not about real or fake anymore with Laminate Floors, for when you purchase exquisite products, you are bringing home real beauty, strength, value and longevity, that will only leave you awe-inspired.

We are offering laminate flooring, three-layer pre-finished and multi-layer pre-finished parquet, decking and cladding, cork underlayment, all kinds of skirting, profiles, underlays and other materials for laying flooring.

Contact with us for any kind of need. We have all your needs and we are always ONE STEP AHEAD.

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